Some of tropical Australia's most beautiful islands and resorts were the inspiration behind swimwear brand Tribe Tropical's original prints; the patterns used on their swimwear were designed to transport those who see and wear them to the magical places that make-up tropical Australia. 

Escape to paradise on a virtual trip around the 'sunshine state' and discover the stories behind some of Tribe Tropical's exclusive prints, as well as some fun facts about some of Queensland's most idyllic destinations. 

K'Gari / Fraser Island

K’Gari / Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world; it is famed for its diverse landscapes and unique wildlife.

The island has an abundance of freshwater lakes, the most popular being Lake McKenzie, traditionally known as Boorangoora. The sparkling waters and white sand surrounding Boorangoora attract many visitors to its shore each year. 

Some fun facts about Fraser Island:  

  • there are over 100 freshwater lakes on the island 
  • the island is over 800,000 years old
  • there are approximately 30 packs of dingos (native wild dogs) roaming the island, with an average of 12 dingos per pack
  • the island is named after Captain James Fraser who is said to have starved to death on the island! 
  • Eli Creek flows over 80 million litres of fresh water into the Pacific Ocean every day!
Lake McKenzie. Image ©Tourism & Events Queensland

Keep an eye out for Azure Kingfisher birds as they fly at great speed through the air, across the island paradise.

Azure Kingfisher. Image © Australian Museum

The beautiful deep blue colours of the tiny kingfisher bird amidst the tropical flora and fauna of Fraser Island are the inspiration behind our Kingfisher Cove print.

Flock together like birds of a feather in matching mama and daughter styles as shown below. 

Family matching swimwear | Mother daughter matching swimsuits
Tribe Tropical's Kingfisher Cove Swimsuits. Image thanks to @lucasgirlslove
Dunk Island

Dunk Island sits off the coast of Mission Beach; the island is easy to get to, is family-friendly and has an abundance of bird life, walking tracks, beautiful beaches and surrounding reef for snorkeling and diving.

The Royal Australian Air Force used Dunk Island as a base during World War II; its highest point is over 270m above sea level making its peak a handy vantage point.

Muggy Muggy Beach on Dunk Island © Phlip Vids

Dunk Island is home to over 100 species of birds including rare and vulnerable sea birds. 

One of its residential birds is the pink galah, which flies gracefully through the sky, often in flocks of over 1000 birds!

Did you know?

Did you know that galahs are monogamous and keep the same mate for life? The parents raise their young together and lookout for their offspring for several months or even years.

Female galahs have red eyes whereas male galahs have brown eyes – can you see the difference in the following picture?

Our Gaga Galah print was inspired by the beautiful pink birds that light up the skies of islands like Dunk Island, all along the Queensland coast. This was one of the first prints we released, has been sold worldwide and is a favourite for many.

stylish sun protective swimwear for girls of all ages. Sun safe swimwear for babies, toddlers, girls, boys, teenagers and ladies. Nappy diaper change clips on baby swimwear.
Tribe Tropical's Gaga Galah Girls Swimsuit and matching hat. © Tribe Tropical
Lady Elliot Island

Accessible via a short 25 minute flight from Bundaberg Airport, Lady Elliot Island is the southernmost coral cay of the Great Barrier Reef.

 The island is known for its clear waters, which make it a favourite spot for snorkellers and scuba divers to spot marine life – the most famous being the endangered loggerhead turtles.

Lady Elliot Island is home to loggerhead turtles year-round; from January to March you can spot the tiny turtle hatchlings as they scurry down the sand and into the beautiful lagoon waters that surround this magical cay.

Did you know that over 100,000 birds nest on Lady Elliot Island over the summer season? It has one of the highest sea bird diversities of any of the Great Barrier Reef’s 600+ islands!

Tribe Tropical's Lady Elliot print for girls & boys features adorable loggerhead hatchlings swimming amongst colourful corals, taking you on a trip to this stunning island off the coast of Bargara in southern Queensland.

Toddlers in Tribe Tropical's turtle print swimwear. Image ©
Hamilton Island

Hamilton Island is one of the jewels of the Whitsunday Islands in tropical Queensland; it is a popular holiday destinations for Australians and international visitors.  

Did you know that there are over 35 different colours of hibiscus on the island, and 20 species of palm trees? Over 80% of Hamilton Island is natural, tropical-Australian bush land.

Hamilton Island Australia. Image ©

Hamilton Island is teeming with bird life; one of the most commonly-spotted residents is the Rainbow Lorikeet – with its bright green, orange, yellow and blue feathers, the Rainbow Lorikeet blends right into the bright colours of the local flora. 

 Tribe Tropical's Lorikeet Love print is inspired by the native birds that call Hamilton Island home.

Sun protective swimwear by Tribe Tropical worn by model Emily Feld at the Gold Coast Beach Parade

Tribe Tropical's "Lorikeet Love" teen swimsuit. Thanks to model Emily Feld at the Gold Coast Beach Parade © Tribe Tropical
Port Douglas & the Daintree Rainforest

Port Douglas is a quaint resort town, located in the far north of Queensland outside Cairns – it brings the best of land and sea together,. 

Did you know that this special part of the planet is the only place on earth where two World Heritage areas meet? From Port Douglas you can visit the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest, as well as nearby Cape Tribulation.

Daintree Rainforest via

One of the Daintree's special residents is the Cairns Birdwing Butterfly. This beautiful butterfly with its striking colours is elusive to photograph but a delight to those who are lucky enough to spot one. 

Cairns Birdwing Butterfly, via the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary.

Our Daintree Dusk print features this unique butterfly species and is available for females of almost all ages & sizes. 

Tribe Tropical's 'Daintree Dusk' Swimsuit print © Tribe Tropical


Have you visted any of these places that have won our hearts and inspired our tropical prints?

Tribe Tropical’s sun-safe swimwear is a great way to capture those memories of tropical Australia – they also make great gifts for loved ones overseas! 

You can see more of our print collections here.

Planning a family vacation around Queensland? Read our post about the best Queensland islands for families and reach out to a travel expert on Find My Travel Guru.

 We wish you sun-safe fun in the sun! 

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