Customers worldwide have the option to insure their Tribe Tropical purchases via Ship Protect™ - this policy covers postal carrier errors and issues, such as loss of goods in transit and/or damage to goods en route. 

Orders placed with a Ship Protect™ premium attached will be protected under the policy from the moment they leave our warehouse, to the moment they are received by the addressee. The amount payable is approximately 5% of the order total and will be charged at the check-out. This is not a compulsory payment, but is recommended to protect your purchases.

Tribe Tropical will replace all missing or damaged items in an order at no extra cost^, provided the postal carrier can prove that they have indeed lost or damaged items from an order, and/or that the order wasn't ever delivered. Australia Post's online tracking service will be used for this.


  • The Ship Protect™ shipping policy must be purchased at the time of check-out, and cannot be added on post-purchase. You will see the green icon in your cart when checking out.
  • ^ Replacement of goods excludes postage charges, unless the postal carrier is willing to reimburse for this, which is rarely the case. The customer will be required to pay approximately $8.95 towards replacement shipping costs.
  • The policy does not cover theft if the postal carrier can prove that the items were indeed delivered to the addressee (Australia Post will usually be able to provide photo proof of this - if items are stolen from a mailbox after they have been delivered they will not be covered under this policy)
  • This policy covers replacement of items, not refund, if the shipping carrier fails to deliver goods. Refunds are only applicable if items are received back to us, and if conditions for refund (as per our policy) are met.

Orders placed without a Ship Protect™ shipping policy attached will not be covered for replacement by Tribe Tropical if they are lost or damaged en route. In this case the customer will need to lodge a case with the postal carrier and deal with them directly.

Insuring your order via Ship Protect™ is highly recommended.