When it comes to sun protection, a wide-brimmed bucket style hat is one of the most important accessories we can own to help protect ourselves and our families from harmful UV rays.

When choosing a beach bucket hat for kids, some important things to look for are as follows: 
  • wide-brim to protect ears, forehead and the back of the neck. 

  • An adjustable under-neck tie. There’s nothing worse than a hat that won’t stay on, that blows away in the wind and that falls off as soon as kids jump into a pool! An adjustable tie makes life easier plus allows for tightening/loosening as kids grow.

 Tribe Tropical's wide-brimmed beach hats offer premium sun protection.

  • It should be soft and comfortable…. otherwise kids won’t wear it! Swim hats are ideal as the fabric is often soft, stretchy and easy to wear.

  • Sturdy and durable. A floppy brim or anything that obstructions the eyes is frustrating to anyone, especially to busy kids! A firm, sturdy brim that is well-stitched and well-made is a must. 

  • It must be made of UPF50+ fabric and double-lined for added protection across the top of the scalp. A flimsy single-lined hat won’t provide much protection, especially when wet and it is also likely to flop into the eyes, fly off easily and spend more time off the head than on it.

Tribe Tropical’s range of hats tick all the boxes! 

beach bucket swim hat from Tribe Tropical

Would you like to try one of our hats? You can shop our range of high-quality sun and swim hats here. 

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