Spending valuable time with your children at the pool or at the beach on a hot day can be relaxing, rejuvenating and a great way to make special memories! Sadly it does come with risks however, through exposure to invisible ultraviolet rays from the sun.

Though sunscreen is a wonderful invention, it is not recommended for use on babies under six months of age, and sunscreen alone is not sufficient for adequate UV protection of young skin.

The Cancer Council recommends protecting baby skin in physical barriers such as clothing as much as possible. 

To keep our children safe in the sun, investing in high-quality UPF50+ swimwear is paramount.

baby sun protective swimsuit on unicorn print with matching beach bucket hat

Baby wears sun protective swimsuit & matching hat by Tribe Tropical © @thedevontaefam

When choosing the best swimwear for babies and children, some points you may need to consider are:

  • Is the swimsuit made of high-quality material that will offer comfort and desired UV protection?
  • Is it lined for added sun protection and modesty?
  • Can the design facilitate the easy change of your child's nappy/diaper?

Why do children need special protection from UV rays?

Babies and toddlers have very delicate skin, which puts them at high risk of burn when exposed to the sun's UV rays - even on cloudy days or in the snow. 

Exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays in children under 15 years of age puts them at high risk of developing skin cancer in later life.

The Cancer Council of Australia advises that protection of children from the sun is critical, especially in circumstances where the UV index reaches 3 and above, which generally happens after 8am on a summer day. 

Adorable twin brothers in matching sun protective swimwear by Tribe Tropical © @beauandflynn_


Choosing the best swimwear for your baby / toddler

  • One-Piece Swimsuits - a popular choice for babies and toddlers as they offer full coverage of the arms, back, shoulder, chest and torso; they offer convenience in terms of needing only one outfit for the water + there is less need to spend precious time applying sticky sunscreen to water-bound toddlers! 

Sweet toddler in Tribe Tropical's 'Kingfisher Cove' sun protective swimsuit © @oceania_kailani_mylilmermaids
    • Rash Guard Tops - rash guards are another great option for babies and toddlers as these long-sleeved swim shirts provide excellent sun protection, reduce the risk of skin irritation, and can be worn with swim shorts or a swim nappy/diaper, as shown below.


      Swim hat, swim nappy / diaper and rash guard top from Tribe Tropical © @tribetropical
      • Nappy-Change Swimsuits - the best invention in toddler swimwear! Being able to quickly change a baby/toddler at the beach or pool via clips in the crotch of the suit is really a game-changer! Not needing to remove a whole swimsuit each time a toilet break or nappy change is required makes days by the water more enjoyable and fun. Tribe Tropical have a great range of patterns and styles offering this convenience for families. 
      • Sun / Swim Hats - a wide-brimmed beach bucket hat is an essential accessory for babies and toddlers who will be spending time in the sun. These hats provide great protection for the face, head, and neck areas. Tribe Tropical's hats are great for swimming or playground time as they are fully lined for great sun protection and durability, and have an adjustable under-neck tie to ensure hats stay on.

      Nappy-change swimsuit & matching hat from Tribe Tropical © @tribetropical


      • Wetbags & Swim Nappies - are essential for swimming lessons. An adjustable swim nappy/diaper that grows as the child grows is an eco-friendly option, as are reusable wetbags; both items avoid the need for disposable plastic bags, and are therefore more cost effective also.


      Reusable swim nappies & wet bags are convenient, eco-friendly & cost-effective © @tribetropical


      Where to shop for the best swimwear for babies & toddlers?

      If you are looking for premium swimwear for your children, which offers style, uniqueness of Australian-designed patterns, and has features such as nappy-change clips, double-lining and chlorine resistant fabric, Tribe Tropical will be your best choice.

      The Good Design Award-Winning brand is the perfect choice for all your kids' swimwear needs, for effective protection when inside or outside water.

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