Our Environmental Values


We strongly value environmental sustainability and protection of our reefs and oceans.

We use as little paper and plastic as possible in our business and always recycle where able. We don’t print invoices unless requested. We’re strong advocates for the REDcycle scheme and recycle all our soft plastics. https://www.redcycle.net.au/

Our warehouse premises and the office from which we work operate on solar-power.


Our fabrics are OEKO-TEX certified, tested for harmful substances and produced sustainably and ethically.

OEKO-TEX certification ensures the removal of harmful chemicals, socially-responsible programs for workers and overall environmentally-friendly practices.  


 We are a ‘slow fashion’ label. We make small quantities of the highest quality, which allows us to not only maintain our boutique appeal, but to also minimise our carbon footprint and contribution to landfill.

Certain components of the fabrics we use are recycled however not all – this is because fully recycled fabrics have huge minimum order requirements and can only be ordered in significant quantities, defeating the purpose of our mission.

By covering the skin as much as possible with UPF fabric while in the sun, the need for excessive sunscreen use is lessened, thereby minimising chemical impact on our sensitive coral reefs. 

We always choose to use reef-safe sunscreen products on ourselves and our children.

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