Our Values

We strongly value environmental sustainability and protection of our reefs and oceans.


We use as little paper and plastic as possible in our business and always recycle where able. We don’t print invoices unless requested.

We’re strong advocates for the REDcycle scheme and recycle all of our soft plastics. https://www.redcycle.net.au/

Here’s our baby with some of the polybags we sent to REDcycle:

Our Values Tribe Tropical



We’re proud to announce that from 2021 we will be using 5 times less plastic by way of eliminating the number of polybags used in packaging of swimwear sent to us from our supplier. Polybags used in the textile industry contribute significantly to environmental pollution globally so we’re happy to be able to make this positive change.   


We donate 10% of all website sales of our Lady Elliot Swimsuits, Mon Repos Rash Tops and Bargara Board shorts to conservation of endangered loggerhead turtles at the local Mon Repos Turtle Centre

We also donate to Kiva Charities to support different people in need.

Our children have been raised to clear any plastic or other trash found on any beach we visit – here are some recent photos of our children and their findings: 



We always choose to use reef-safe sunscreen products on ourselves and our children. You can read more about our thoughts on different sunscreens here.

By covering the skin as much as possible with UPF fabric while in the sun, the need for excessive sunscreen use is lessened, thereby minimising chemical impact on our sensitive coral reefs. 



Our swimwear is not treated with harmful chemical UV blockers, instead the tight weave of the superior quality UPF50+ fabric we use provides 98% protection from UVA & UVB rays. Our fabrics are also digitally printed which saves energy and water. 

Our fabrics are OEKO-TEX certified, tested for harmful substances and produced sustainably and ethically.

OEKO-TEX certification ensures the removal of harmful chemicals, socially-responsible programs for workers and overall environmentally-friendly practices.  

The fabrics we use do not contain any of the following: heavy metals, AZO, PVC, BPA, formaldehyde, DWR.



 We are a 100% Australian owned and operated ‘slow fashion’ label. We make small quantities of the highest quality, which allows us to not only maintain our boutique appeal, but to also minimise our carbon footprint and contribution to landfill. 

Certain components of the fabrics we use are recycled however not all – this is because fully recycled fabrics have substantial minimum order requirements and can only be ordered in significant quantities, defeating the purpose of our mission. In time and as we grow gently, we hope to continue to improve on our product and move towards the best possible options for environmental sustainability. 

Where are our goods made?

Though we have made numerous attempts to manufacture our goods in Australia, unfortunately it is not possible at this time as Australian swimwear / textile factories are at capacity; our goods are therefore handmade overseas, in a small family-owned factory with whom we are in close contact. Our supplier allows us to produce in smaller quantities (therefore maintaining our aim of being a slow fashion / boutique label) unlike many of of the larger factories who mass produce their products and have large minimum order requirements.

Production in smaller quantities does result in a higher product cost for us; we try to keep our swimwear affordable however our pricing needs to cover the cost of the goods as well as freight (higher at present due to Covid-19 surcharges), import duties, GST along with the many often-unknown costs associated with the running of a business!

We are a small Australian business, run by a mother of 3 little girls – our carbon footprint is very small compared to many of our competitors, which is just the way we like it! Our patterns are original, unique, inspired by tropical Australia and exclusive to our brand.

Thank you for supporting a small Australian business! 

Our Values Tribe Tropical