My 5 non-negotiables when it comes to buying a hat!

The humble hat is really a must-have accessory, whether for sport, the beach, for warmth or for shade – most of us need one at some point in our lives…and we all should certainly own and use one to protect ourselves from harmful UV rays!

My five non-negotiables when it comes to buying a hat for my children are as follows:
  • It must have a wide-brim to protect ears, forehead and the back of the neck. I personally don't buy caps for my children as I don't feel that they don't offer an adequate amount of sun protection.  

  • It must have an adjustable under-neck tie. There’s nothing worse than a hat that won’t stay on, that blows away in the wind and that falls off as soon as kids jump into a pool! I have often found it surprisingly difficult to find hats for kids that have adjustable under-neck ties, but since losing numerous hats (and seeing my children remove them with too much ease) I now refuse to buy a hat that doesn’t have an under-neck tie. An adjustable tie makes life easier plus allows for tightening/loosening as kids grow.

kids sun-safe swimsuit tropical matching hat

 Tribe Tropical's Tropicocky Swimsuit and matching hat (Photo: Cassandra Kirk)

  • It must be soft and comfortable…. otherwise my kids won’t wear it! I prefer to choose soft fabrics that aren’t too tight, but that aren’t too lose and floppy either, otherwise it won’t stay on. Swim hats are ideal as the fabric is often soft and easy to wear.

  • It must be sturdy and durable. I don’t want to have to replace hats every few months so a hat that is well-stitched and well-made is a must for me. The brim of the hat must also be sturdy and not too floppy as mentioned above; anything that obstructs the eyes will be removed quick-smart by my children!

  • It must be made of UPF50+ fabric and double-lined for added protection across the top of the scalp - these are non-negotiable requirements for me. A flimsy single-lined hat won’t provide much protection, especially when wet and it is also likely to flop into the eyes, fly off easily and spend more time off the head than on it.

kids sun-safe swimsuit tropical matching hat

 Tribe Tropical's Gaga Galah Swimsuits and matching hats (Photo: Cassandra Kirk)


As I struggled to find hats that met all of the above criteria I decided to create some! 

Tribe Tropical’s hats meet all of my requirements and I hope they’d also meet yours. You can shop our range of high-quality sun and swim hats here.

What are your non-negotiables?

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September 20, 2019 — admin