Sun protection through history

Have you ever wondered what measures ancient civilisations and different cultures have taken over time to protect their skin from damage caused by the sun? For as long as humans have inhabited the earth we have been dependent, intrigued, wary, fascinated and drawn to the sun. We have depended on it for light, warmth, energy, health,

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My journey around the sun…

* Warning: this article contains images that may be disturbing ** I’ve always loved the sun but it hasn’t really ever loved me back! I was born a redhead with fair skin in Hobart, Tasmania but at the age of 8 moved to Papua New Guinea with my family where we lived for 5 years,

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Good Design Australia Award – Winner

Tribe Tropical is truly honoured to win a Good Design Australia Award for 2019. The caliber of entrants was so incredibly high so we were incredibly thankful to have received such a prestigious accolade. To receive the following email from Good Design Australia’s General Manager Rachel Wye was a very surreal moment! CATEGORY: Product Design  Sport and

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5 things to NOT do this summer!

  Most people, especially kids, love to spend time outside playing in the sunshine – it is good for the soul! However it is up to us as adults to protect our young from serious damage that can be caused by exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays.  The damage mightn’t show until later in

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